Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management

Customized HR Management Software

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Customized HR Management Solution for your initiative HR Team.

Automate your Human Resource process with NeuronX HRM. Empower your employees and help them manage their time efficiently. NeuronX enhances your working capacity to the fullest by integrating all human resource modules on a single platform.

NeuronX serves your employees with a wide range of modules that ease the working of your HR team. The Neuron X helps out in self-onboarding, tracking attendance and leave, process payroll, loans, expenses management, remote employee monitoring, and much more added features to help you grow your business. It is an end-to-end human resource management system. With this HR Management software, your HR team can efficiently fulfill duties such as creating job templates, scheduling interview rounds, shortlisting candidates, generating offer letters, etc.

Human Resource Management Software Modules


Payroll Management

Like every small and medium enterprise, you must be considering payroll as a complicated system for a business like yours. You might have also tried doing it on your own by physically managing data in an excel sheet. We know how difficult it is to handle the data and the dangers of operating it without a proper system. Our Human Resource Management software not only eliminates payroll errors but also reduces the trouble of calculation with just a click.

Shifts / Roles (Customizable)

HRs of your company can customize any shifts and assign roles according to your requirements. Once you create an employee, you can allocate the department and the designation with our human resource management system. This feature helps HRs to set up the work on the same day of hiring an employee. Shift/Roles module saves a lot of paperwork and time because of its user-friendly interface.

Leave Management

Approving leaves via phones and emails are a thing of the past. Manage and track employee's leaves with our dedicated leave management system. Empower your managers to get the associate's review with a single click with our leave management system. The simple and user-friendly interface of NeuronX software makes leave processing streamlined and comfortable for both the employees and employers.

Performance Management (Appraisals / Set Goals / Goal Tracking)

In order to make your firm successful, you need to show gratitude towards your employees for working hard. With our performance management module, you get features such as automated reviews, comprehensive feedbacks, set a goal for your employees, track how your employees are working for their goals, and rewards those who are hitting the bullseye. Our cloud-based performance management system can help you efficiently manage the performance of your employees.

Issue letters (Warning/Terminations/ Promotions / Transfers)

Generate all kinds of letters to your employees with a single click. NeuronX comes with a gallery of pre-built letter templates for you to use whenever you require. This feature of issuing letters can also send notifications to both employees and HRs for non-compliance, termination, promotion, and transfers. NeuronX becomes a cost-effective solution for your business, as it eliminates redundancy and employee costs.

Time Sheet (Attendance Management)

NeuronX helps you restrict the clock-in and clock-out data of your employees to a dedicated IP. That means only a person you appoint can access or handle the timesheet of your employees. With the attendance management system of NeuronX, your employees and your managers can easily see leave requests and approvals with a single click. NeuronX fetches real-time attendance data from any reader and calculates late coming, early going, and overtime policies.

Travel Request/ reimbursement request

Reimbursement of any medical, travel, etc., is a critical task for your HR department. The concerned department must complete this task flawlessly to prevent any confusion and waste of time and funds. With the all-in-one NeuronX Expense Management Software, you can reimburse any expenses of your employees efficiently. Employees can initiate their reimbursement request in the system to manage their official travel and training. HR or any concerned person can arrange the booking or create a reimbursement with a single click.


With our Human Resource Management system, HRs can handle all the internal awards, and they can send a notification to the entire organization. Your monthly awards ceremony can get automated with NeuronX, saving you the most valuable entity for your organization-time. We have also provided templates you can design for multiple awards notifications, like employee of the month, top sales executives of the month, etc. You can send the digital certificate of recognition directly to their work email.

Employee Exit

When an employee quits, it becomes a frantic procedure to delete all its employee details. Closing employee affairs cannot be a problem anymore, as our human resource management system has a built-in employee exit system. HRs can directly manage the employee exit portal of NeuronX so that they can efficiently delete all the employment history in a single click. With this portal, HRs can efficiently do the full and final procedure that every company needs to do when a hired employee quits or retires.

Analytics and Reports

Every business needs precise reporting and analytics to strive and thrive in this competitive world. In order to make sound decisions, you need real-time access to analytics and reports of your ongoing projects. With NeuronX's analytics and report management system, you can have a detailed project reporting in front of you within seconds. Our analytics and report management system can display employee names, designations, snaps of projects, and many more functions.

Employees Last Login

HRs or managers can judge the employee's work by reviewing their last login. With this feature, the concerned manager can get all the login details and clock-out details of any employee who directly reports them. You can schedule an overtime bonus for those who are adding more revenue to your business and discipline those employees who are coming shorter with their daily working hours. All you need is the employee's last login details. With the all-in-one NeuronX Expense Management Software, you can reimburse any expenses of your employees efficiently. Employees can initiate their reimbursement request in the system to manage their official travel and training. HR or any concerned person can arrange the booking or create a reimbursement with a single click.


Update your policies with NeuronX so that you can notify all the divisions of your company about any changes made with a single click. This feature of updating policies can help you mention a particular department that has been affected because of the new policy, or you can generalize the recent update to all the departments of your company. It helps you prevent redundancy of your work and can declare the policy update to all your employees in one go.

One monthly fee for all IT services

Here are all the Pricing List for all our services, which we offer to our clients.

Economy plan

  •       IT Services Management
  •       Managing stores & inventory
  •       Software Development
  •       Android Application
  •       Interactive Web Design
  • -
  • -
$ 499Per userPer Month


Premium Plan

  •       Cobol Programming
  •       Python Development
  •       Javascript Development
  •       iPad Application Development
  •       PHP Development
  •       IT Services
  • -
$ 699Per userPer Month

Platinum plan

  •       eCommerce Development
  •       Accounts Software
  •       Complete CRM Solutions
  •       Data Retrieval
  •       eClearance Gateways
  •       Mainframe Development
  •       Software Development
$ 999Per userPer Month

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